Possessive pronouns / Los pronombres posesivos del inglés

En esta sección, podrás conocer todos los pronombres posesivos en inglés, además de entenderlos, podrás aprender a utilizarlos. También, al final podrás encontrar ejercicios prácticos del contenido.

In this section, you will be able to know, understand and put into used the possessive pronouns. Also, you will find some exercises at the bottom of this webpage

Possessive pronouns / Los pronombres posesivos del inglés

Los pronombres posesivos en inglés son palabras utilizadas para demostrar que algo o alguien pertenece a alguien o algo.

Possessive pronouns are words used to indicate that something or somebody belongs to somebody or something. These are words used to indicate the relationship of possession.

In English:

Equivalente en español:

My /m?? / My book Mi Mi libro
Mine /m??n/ This book is mine Mío o Mía Este libro es mío
Your /j??/ Your house Tu Tu casa
Yours /j??z/ The house is yours Tuyo o de usted La casa tuya o de usted
His /h?z/ His book Su Su libro
Her /h??/ Her book Su Su libro
Hers /h??z/ The book is hers Suyo o suya Este libro es tuyo / Esta casa es tuya
Its /?ts/ Its pages (of the book) Las páginas del libro
Our /a??/ Our book Nuestro o nuestra Nuestro libro
Ours /a??z/ This book is ours Nuestro o nuestra Este libro es nuestro
Their /ð??/ Their cat Su Su gato
Theirs /ð??z/ The cat is theirs Suyo o Suya Este gato es suyo
Whose* /hu?z/ Whose cat is this? ¿Quién? ¿A quién? ¿De quién es el gato?

*Is used to ask who the owner of something is. / Se utiliza para preguntar quién es el dueño de algo.

**When you know the owner, you add an apostrophe at the end of the name: —Whose book is this? —Is Camilla’s or —Is Camilla’s book.


  1. She lost her cell phone so I brought her a new one with my money.
  2. This book is really good for children. Its pages are full of images.
  3. —Whose pencil is this? —It’s mine
  4. Our house is at the end of the road. Where is yours?
  5. He is a very good father, his children are well-educated.
  6. They told me their dog was missing.
  7. That dog of theirs used to be a police dog


  • —_______ books are these?

—Those are not _____, _____ are blue

  • —__ pencil is black and ____?

—____ is red

  • Where is __ cup?
  • _____ dog is so lovely but _____ cat is not.
  • I love ____ house, is so warm!