Colours or Colors / Colores en inglés

En esta sección, podrás conocer todos los nombres de los colores en inglés, además de entenderlos, podrás aprender a utilizarlos. También, al final podrás encontrar ejercicios prácticos del contenido.

In this section, you will be able to know and put into used the name of the basic colours. Also, you will find some exercises at the bottom of this webpage

How to use colours in a sentences/ Cómo escribir oraciones con los colores:

There are three common ways for this:

  1. My house is blue
  2. I have a blue house
  3. Blue is the colour of my house


cuadro uno


Shades of colour/ degrades de los colores:




  • Read the text and answer the questions:

My name is John Smith and I have always like blue, it is my favourite colour. My house is blue, my car is blue but my bicycle is grey. I also have a brown dog and I have a daughter, Amy, who loves pink and purple. Her clothes are pink and her bags are purples.

a)      John Smith’s favourite colour:____

b)      John Smith lives in a _____ house and owns a ____ car

c)       He also have a ____ bicycle

d)      He has a dog which is _____

e)      Amy loves ____ and ____

f)       She has ____ clothes and _______ bags

  • Name the next colours: